Security Policy

Information Security Policy

In accordance with the following information security policies, we will always provide better services to customers. We consider information security as one of the most important issues, and the entire company works with an awareness of this fact.

  • 1. To protect customer and our information assets from various danger and threats on security, and to maintain the confidentiality, completeness, and availability excellently, an appropriate management plan is settled on and executed.
  • 2. We comply with regulations, established standards, and other codes related to information security.
  • 3. We try hard to improve the technology related to security to enforce management plan for the information security effectively and utilize this.
  • 4. Ensure that all the employees and temporary staffers are given security education/training. In addition, Valup Technology will continue providing its employees with education/training to cope with ever-changing circumstances.
  • 5. We perform periodical inspection of the management plan for the information security and materialize continuous improvement.