"TIME CAPSULE " is the app that delivers your message or photo to yourself or to someone special to you. The thing is that a message capsule is unable to open until future. You have to wait until the capsule opening time to come. Would your like to send your warm message to yourself or to your friends in the future by using such a unique tool?

Every emotion you feel, your happiness, joy, your aim, your gratitude to someone, etc., pack your thought into a capsule and send it to someone in the future.

Here is a message from you beyond the time.

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How to use

Create a time capsule

You can create and send a time capsule to yourself.

You can send time capsules which attach your messages or photos to your friends.

*Capsules are stored in GALLERY after sending to your friends. Remember you (as a sender) can not open the capsule until the opening time is coming. Once you send a capsule, canselatin is not possible.

Open Time Capsule

Time Capsule will be kept in the gallery.

When capsule opening time has come closer, counting down starts. Please wait until capsule open time has come.

When the time capsule is ready, you will see a message "Open Now".
By tapping the capsule, it will be separated and you can see the message in the capsule.


To spin the roulette, pick one of [Yellow], [Blue], and [Red] button and tap it.
If you are lucky, you can get new capsules!

You can try the roulette until all energy bars get empty.
Every time you spin the roulette, one energy bar will decrease.

Energy bar will recover every ten minutes.There are various designs of capsules. Enjoy collect capsules!

Before your inquiry

When you notice any malfunction with the app, sometimes it is due to hardware itself. You can try easy steps recommended by Apple to see if it can solve the problem.


If you have any comments or requests, please write to us from Contact Us page. We'd be happy to receive your ideas.