SOLA opening screenNo matter where you are, there is a sky.
You can see the sky at everywhere in the world.
You will get more energy and power when you look up the sky.
Share the photos of skies and feel that the world is connected under the sky.

"SOLA" is an application which shows the photos of the sky posted by users all over the world.
Morning skies, afternoon skies, beautiful sunsets, skies of nights, sunny days sky, sky of cloudy days, and rainy sky and so on.

You can enjoy photos of the sky which users from all over the world had posted.
You can post a picture of the sky that you selected from the album or your favorite sky photos you have taken.
You can email a photo you found in the app.
You can post on Facebook (iOS5) and Twitter.

You can get GPS information now. To use this function, you will need Google Earth App.

※※When you post your photos※※
Please be aware that if your photo contains GPS info, other users may get the location info which you have taken that photo. Applied after August 8.

Posting with previous version of SOLA also apply to this.

※※When you view SOLA photos※※
To see the location by Google Earth, you must have version up.

FREE Download from iTunes!

How to use

Thumbnail screen / List screen

By tapping the navigation icon (the second left), you can switch thumbnail and list.
To post photos, tap the camera icon at the bottom left. Photos you will upload must contain mostly the sky.

Since the uploaded photos may be used by the third party, please upload after consent.

Viewer screen

When you tap a photo on viewer screen, you will see a menu bar and information about the photo. Menubar and photo information will disappear when you tap again.

To move on to next photo, tap the arrow or flick the screen.

About the icons on menu bar. (From the far left)
You can send photos you took, or photos you selected from the camera roll by email.
Go back to thumbnail/ list screen.
You can post on Twitter.
You can post on Facebook. (iOS5)

Before your inquiry

When you notice any malfunction with the app, sometimes it is due to hardware itself. You can try easy steps recommended by Apple to see if it can solve the problem.


If you have any comments or requests, please write to us from Contact Us page. We'd be happy to receive your ideas.