Ohsama Game

Ohsama Game

"Ohsama" means "King" in Japanese. Ohsama Game is a well known party game in Japan, usually put one "king" mark on chopstick envelopes and let the member draw lots. Once the king is chosen, he/she may give any kind of order to a member who must obey whatever is said (when the order is funny enough, people would go hilarious).

This app is a virtual lot drawer for Ohsama Game, making it much easier for you to throw a big fun in the party.

How to use:
1. Determine the number of people in the party.
2. Pass the iPhone to each member to draw lots. Don't show it to others.
3. App will show who the King is. (Then one has to obey watever the King says!)

Download from iTunes for $0.99!

This app is a lot drawer which has result reviewing feature. It does not provide any hint for the King's order. The order must be humorous to please everyone, so the King has to think it by himself.

How to play

All the photos shown below are Japanese, but now it has English version too.

How many people are in the party?

1. How many people are in the party?

Select the number of people in the party who'd play this game. (It must be between 2 to 20) Then press "Start" button.

* More than 3 members are recommended.

Each member draw lots

2. Each member draw lots

Pass the iPhone to each member to draw lots. Each person must draw it secretly and don't tell anyone which number you've got.

Let everyone remember thir number until the King is revealed.

Tips: You can move the lots (without drawing it) by dragging it horizontally. This way you can spread the lots evenly in the screen.

Who's got the KING?

3. Who's got the KING?

After everyone is finished drawing, it shows "Who's got the KING!?" screen. Whoever's got the King must say it out loud. You can also confirm it by looking at the result.

Then, the King may give an order to whoever in the party, like "#3 go and hug #5", etc. Try to think an order nice and funny so the people would burst into laughter.

Press "Result" button to check who's drawn which lot.

Before your inquiry

When you notice any malfunction with the app, sometimes it is due to hardware itself. You can try easy steps recommended by Apple to see if it can solve the problem.


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