NervSounds GOLD

NervSounds GOLD

"NervSounds GOLD" is a perfect collection of NervSounds. It includes original sound which hasn't been released in Free versoion.
There are currently 15 sounds bundled in GOLD edition, and more will be added in the future.
(It also has volume scale which wasn't available in previous version)

Download from iTunes for $1.99!

NervSounds GOLD opening screen
NervSounds GOLD opening screen

NervSounds GOLD Contents

Blackboard Pistol


Scratch this blackboard to hear it's world famous annoying sound.


Pull the trigger and ...BANG!!!!

Mosquito Train


A mosquito is flying around in the room. You can also hear high frequency "Mosquito sound" which could only be heard by teenagers.


This is the sound of the rail when a train is passing. You might be okay if you're used to trains, but otherwise...?

Violin Dentist


Violin usually sounds great when played by experienced violinist. What if there is a horrible player?


If you love dentist's sound, this will be it. Enjoy three different drilling sounds. Special thanks to:
Yamaguchi Dental Clinic.

Balloon Marker Pen


What kind of sound does a balloon make? Rub it again and again, and it'll finally...

Marker Pen

Sometimes marker pen makes squeezing noise. You can write on it too, but it's very difficult!

Styrofoam Howling


Styrofoams make strange sounds too. Move them to rub against each other.


You can always hear it when you hold your microphone against the speaker.

Plate and Fork Knuckle Cracking

Plate and Fork

Better not play this sound in expensive restaurants! (If you are conscious of table manners...)

Knuckle Cracking

Running Nose Paper

Running Nose




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