"NervSounds" reproduces various situations causing irritating noises. Carry these horrible sounds in your pocket to annoy your friends, enjoy self-torture, or train your eardrums. (from Application Information)

Since the first release from App Store, it was welcomed from the world.

World rankings: No.1 in Mexico and Slovakia, No.2 in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Greece, No.3 in Austria and Luxembourg, No.4 in Japan. (Nov.2008)
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NervSounds opening screen
NervSounds opening screen

NervSounds Contents

Blackboard Pistol


Scratch this blackboard to hear it's world famous annoying sound.


Pull the trigger and ...BANG!!!!

Mosquito Violin


A mosquito is flying around in the room. You can also hear high frequency "Mosquito sound" which could only be heard by teenagers.


Violin usually sounds great when played by experienced violinist. What if there is a horrible player?

# All the rest of sounds (Train, Marker Pen, Dentist, Balloon, Styrofoam, Howling, Plate & Fork, Knuckle Cracking, Running Nose, Paper, Fart) are available inNervSounds GOLD.

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