Just like choosing favorite colors from a pack of crayons, ColorBinder is designed for fun & easy color searching.

For your quick start, there are 100 colors to choose from. Each color has a unique name, just like a color catalogue. Then you can modify colors easily by touching the screen.

You can use it for easy color coordination like fashion, interior, designings...etc. For business use, you can stock various color data for your presentation documents. (RGB, HSV, HEX formats available)

If you are not certain about which colors to choose, simply try "shuffle" button. It'll automatically generate random set of beautiful colors.

Stock your favorite colors and carry them out!

Download from iTunes for $0.99!

How to use ColorBinder

Palette List

1. Palette List

The first screen shows the list of all palettes. Each palette can keep up to 9 colors. (The icon represents the palette's first color)
Tap to move on to main screen.

"Edit": Delete palette / Change order
"+": Add new palette
"i": How to use ColorBinder

Add new palette

2. Add new palette

For a new palette, you need to input palette name and select at least one color. Simply press "Save" to save your new palette.

By pressing "Shuffle" button, it'll automatically generates random 9 colors based on the selected first color. You can re-shuffle them as many times as you want until you get your favorite combination.

Palette main screen

3. Palette main screen

The main screen shows the list of all colors on the left side, color information on the right side.

Add new color: Tap "+" button
Select color: Tap a color from the list
Change color order: Grab a color, slide up/down
Modify color: Tap "modify" button

Color modification

4. Color modification

Use swipe & pinch movement to modify current color. With this interface, you can access to any color by a finger. It's very useful when you want to adjust color right beside the actual material.

Change Hue: Swipe vertically (rainbow order)

Brighten: Swipe to the right (gets white)
Darken: Swite to the left (gets black)

Vivid: Pinch out (gets vivid)
Dull: Pinch in (gets monotonous)

Change color (by list)

5-1. Change color (by list)

Choose your favorite color from 115 colors, just like using crayons. Each color is named uniquely. It can be used as a petit color dictionary as well.

At the bottom, original color and new color is shown in comparison.

Change color (color mixer)

5-2. Change color (color mixer)

Tap "Mixer" tab to open color mixer interface. This is recommended for users who are used to handle standard graphic software. Real time color information is available too.

At the bottom, original color and new color is shown in comparison.

Change color (from palettes)

5-3. Change color (from palettes)

Tap "Palette" tab to copy any color from other palettes.

At the bottom, original color and new color is shown in comparison.

Palette information

6. Palette information

View/edit current pallete information.

Name: Change palette name
Note: Edit description of the palette

Stripe view

7. Stripe view

When you want to see all colors side by side, stripe view will show all colors in stripe.

If you want to make a set of colors based on an existing material, you can use stripe view to compare those colors.

Screen view

8. Screen view

Screen view shows a single color in full screen. Best used in comparison with materials.

For example, you can keep the color of your favorite shirt, then go to shopping, see if the item in the store matches your shirt.

Before your inquiry

When you notice any malfunction with the app, sometimes it is due to hardware itself. You can try easy steps recommended by Apple to see if it can solve the problem.


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