BINGO!25 is a free version of BINGO!
It has all the same features and it's especially designed for 25 balls game, which is more suitable for a small party. The game runs faster too!
>> Check details for full version BINGO!

* The bingo cards for the players will be needed separately.

How to use:
1. Touch the screen to roll bingo machine, then a number ball will come out.
2. If anyone's got BINGO, check with the master board.

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This app is designed to serve as a bingo machine. To run a game, bingo cards are also necessary for the members.

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How to play

Roll the bingo machine

1. Roll the bingo machine

Touch the screen to roll the bingo machine until a ball comes out. Read the number to let players fill their bingo cards.

(It's also fun to pass the bingo machine to next person for each turn. With this, you can let everyone roll it!)

Check with the Master Board

2. Check with the Master Board

If anyone has reached BINGO, touch below screen to show the Master Board. Check each numbers to confirm the winner.


3. Settings

Settings icon is located in upper left corner.

ANIMATION: ON/OFF for the animated visual effects of bingo machine. (OFF to run your game faster)

SOUND: ON/OFF for the sound of bingo machine.

SLEEP: ON to let the app sleep as it's idle (good way to conserve your battery). When it's OFF, app will not sleep.

Before your inquiry

When you notice any malfunction with the app, sometimes it is due to hardware itself. You can try easy steps recommended by Apple to see if it can solve the problem.


If you have any comments or requests, please write to us from Contact Us page. We'd be happy to receive your ideas.