New BatteryLog (ver1.1.0) is now available exclusively for OS 3.0. If you're using OS 2.2.1 or under, we recommend you to upgrade it to OS 3.0.

Major Differences:
★New BatteryLog (ver1.1.0) -- Exclusive for OS3.0 with improved performance.
★Old BatteryLog (ver 1.0.0) -- Exclusive for OS2.2.1 and under.

"BatteryLog" displays your iPhone/iPod Touch battery usage in a graph. It acquires battery data upon launch and record log data in a timeline. You can update your graph anytime, just to get familiar with the your battery, determine when to charge, or when to replace your hardware.

* Graph can be displayed both vertically and horizontally.
* You can send CSV converted log data by e-mail.
* When data is updated while charging, graph will be highlighted.
* Charging cycle (accumulated 100% counted as 1) shown in settings window.
* Scale slider is available for zoom-in/zoom-out.

Download from iTunes for $2.99!

1. "BatteryLog" is not capable of auto-updating. To get the latest data, you must launch application by yourself.
2. Note that all data is acquired in percentage. It is not actual voltage.

BatteryLog Main Screen

BatteryLog Main Screen

The interface of BatteryLog is very simple. Vertical line represents percentage, and horizontal line represents timeline. (You can change scale of timeline)

Basic Usage

With default setting, BatteryLog acquires and plots battery data upon launch. You can use BatteryLog anytime, so try it after listening to music, usage of applications, before/after charging. More frequent you update the data, more pricise the graph gets.
# Currently, iPhone/iPod Touch does not support auto-updating of battery info.

About the Graph

Graph is shown in a timeline, which you can easily scroll with your finger. You can also zoom-in / zoom-out the scale of its timeline. Zoom as you wish, whether you need precise detail or large trend.
Note when you get the data while charging, background turns green.

BatteryLog Functions

Data Update Window

Data Update Window

This window appears everytime data has been acquired. Here are details:

Precise time of data acquisition.

Active Network
Wireless(WiFi) connection status.

Power Source
Current power source (Battery or AC Power)

Current Capacity
Remaining battery power in percentage.

Is Charging
Current charging status. (If YES, it's charging)

Scale Window

Scale Window

Scale window enables zoom-in/out of the timeline.

Normally, drag the slider to change graph scale. As you move the slider, background graph will change.

If you want to change scale more precisely, press "+" and "-" button.

* Same scale setting will be applied at next launch.



You can customize BatteryLog with "Settings" screen.

Update upon launch
ON: Update data when BatteryLog is launched.
OFF: Update data by pressing "update" button.
(Default: ON)

Show charging status
ON: Charging status will be shown as a green background.
OFF: Only the graph will be shown.
(Default: ON)

Charging Cycle
This number shows approximately how many times the battery has been charged 100% (since first data logging). For example, when you charge from 0% to 100%, it is counted as 1. Also, when you start charging from 80% to 100% (20% charge), it is counted as 0.2.

Send all log data
This will convert all data (from the beginning to the end of graph) into CSV format and send it to a specified e-mail address. (It'll be helpful when you need data backups.)

Delete all log data
When you want to initialize the graph, press this button. It is recommended to "send all log data" before you delete everything. (However, BatteryLog won't be able to restore CSV again. Please be careful upon deleting.)

Before your inquiry

When you notice any malfunction with the app, sometimes it is due to hardware itself. You can try easy steps recommended by Apple to see if it can solve the problem.


If you have any comments or requests, please write to us from Contact Us page. We'd be happy to receive your ideas.